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with the Finaer Guarantee.
Access your rent without the need for additional deposits or collateral.
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finaer guarantee:

Guarantee the property owner receives 100% of their rental payments.

Applying for a rental by presenting a guarantee will improve your profile and increase your chances of access. With the Finaer Guarantee you will shine as a tenant, guaranteeing the payment to the landlord, thus demonstrating the reliability and seriousness they are looking for.

With less initial outlay, since no additional deposits are required with the Finaer Guarantee.

Automatic pre-qualification in a few seconds.

Demonstration of solvency no matter where your income comes from.

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For any nationality:

- EU Residents
- Non-EU (outside EU)

For any work situation:

- Workers
- Self-employed
- Students
- Entrepreneurs
- Retirees

For any type of real estate:

- Room
- Dwelling
- Commercial Premises
- Industrial Premises
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I want to take out my Finaer Guarantee

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Alquiler garantizado
gestión integral del alquiler
La Garantía Finaer,
la más completa
del mercado
Vigencia de la garantía de alquiler
Nuestro compromiso con la felicidad de inquilinos y propietarios nos lleva a ofrecer los servicios más amplios y beneficiosos para todas las partes.
El valor de la garantía se calcula por un año

350.000 tenants
in 13 years

have relied on the Finaer Guarantee.

Finaer offers the first rent guarantee for tenants, more than 350.000 clients have trusted us worldwide. Our customers manage their rent 3 times faster and multiply by 4 the possibilities compared to other tenants.

we explain you

how to take out the guarantee.

step 1
You send your personal information
and documentation.
step 2
We review, analyze your profile and issue an immediate and automatic pre-approval.
We send you the guarantee for signature and payment.

Room rental

with the Finaer guarantee.

Finaer presents the only warranty on the market designed for room rentals.

No bonds, no guarantors.

Income outside or inside Spain.

100% payment guarantee for the owner.

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opinions of

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Frequently Asked Questions.

In Finaer we have more than 16 years of international experience accompanying tenants and owners in their rentals, solving all their doubts.

How long does it take to obtain tenant pre-approval?

Automatically, with only the tenant's basic data.

How many guarantors can I provide?

All those necessary to prove the required solvency to be able to access your ideal apartment.

What happens if I have the guarantee contract and I want to move in the middle of the contract?

The warranty accompanies you to your new destination, it is mobile and moves with you..

What happens if I do not have job stability?

If you do not have job stability, you can provide guarantors for your application or you could also opt for the security deposit option.

Will I be able to have pets in my new home?

That decision is the landlord's, which is why our guarantee offers the landlord compensation for intentional damage done by you or your pets, thus facilitating access to rental housing.

Is the guarantee a single person guarantee or can it be a joint guarantee of the people who want to rent the property?

The guarantee shall contain the information of all persons who will be party to the rental agreement jointly.

If I am outside Spain, could you advise me on how to find a house?

We can help you to process your rental guarantee and we can refer you as a guaranteed client to one of the 7,000 real estate agencies that operate with Finaer in Spain so that they can offer you alternatives and in case they do not have one, they can initiate a search with your requirements.

If I am a student and have no income, would the guarantee be in my name or in my parents' name?

The guarantee is always in the name of the tenant, but may include one or more guarantors.

When and how is the guarantee paid?

The service is contracted for one year, renewable, and is paid annually or in monthly installments.

Can several tenants apply for the same guarantee?

Provided they are Co-Applicants and cohabitants of the same lease.

Are there payment methods?

Yes, we have different payment methods, by credit card, bank transfer or direct debit. In addition, guarantees can be paid in up to 6 installments without surcharge.

Who should/can apply for the Finaer warranty?

Either the owner, the tenant or the real estate company can request and contract the guarantee..

What are the requirements to obtain the guarantee?

Demonstration of solvency no matter where your income comes from.

What documentation does a tenant need to present to obtain the Finaer Guarantee?

You must present the basic documents proving the income necessary to pay the rent. Check the requirements.

What happens if the tenant's submission is not sufficient to qualify for a Finaer Rental Guarantee?

The income of all the people who are going to live in the property can be added together or one or more guarantors can be presented who, with their income, complement the applicant's solvency.

Can students or foreign workers obtain a Finaer Guarantee?

Yes, we have an exclusive and unique plan in Spain for international profiles, whether student, professional, employee, self-employed, pensioner, retiree, investor, etc.

Is Finaer an insurance company?

No, Finaer is a rental guarantee company, which allows us a greater capacity for action and adaptation to the reality of the market and above all to the real needs of our clients. Our rent protection is the most complete on the market, while we improve housing accessibility for future tenants by giving them the opportunity to take into account their rents inside or outside of Spain.

Why is a Rental Guarantee company better?

The benefits offered by Finaer are much broader, the Finaer Rental Guarantee is unlimited, without delays, without the need for a lawsuit, contractable by the tenant, and suitable for all types of profiles.

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