Tenant requirments.

Documentation required to initiate a warranty claim.
In all cases include DNI, NIE or passport of the applicant on both sides..
Employment contract:
» Permanent contract: Last paycheck.

» Temporary contract: last paycheck and employment history.

» Recent employment contract: if no paycheck is available, it must be permanent and its salary must be shown.
» Certificate from the public administration recognizing the benefit

» Bank receipt
» Last IRPF presented

» Last VAT
Foreign income:
» Proof of income

» Bank proofs of income earned in the last 3 months
» Current course registration or student card.

» Proof of own income or that of a guarantor.
Empresas como inquilinas:
» Last IRPF filed." Last VAT.

» By laws or articles of incorporation.

» DNI/NIE on both sides of the administrator or attorney-in-fact.
Additional information may be requested if necessary.
Other supplementary income.
Balance in bank account:
» Bank certificate with the movements of the last 3 months
Private pension fund:
» Certificate of the administration/agency that grants it.

» Last receipt of payment.
Investment / savings fund:
» Certificate of possession.

» Proof of balance for the last three months.
Rental income:
» Rental contract/s

» Last proof/s of rent payment
Private pension fund:
»  Pension fund certificate

»  Bank proof.
Alquiler garantizado
gestión integral del alquiler
La Garantía Finaer,
la más completa
del mercado
Vigencia de la garantía de alquiler
Nuestro compromiso con la felicidad de inquilinos y propietarios nos lleva a ofrecer los servicios más amplios y beneficiosos para todas las partes.
El valor de la garantía se calcula por un año